About me

Hello! My name is Mareé Hugo. I'm a life loving recently qualified doctor. Life has its ups and downs  but to stay motivated I regularly treat myself at fun and exciting places.

I'm a Cape- Tonian who recently moved to Sunny Durban!

 I also love to travel and researching beforehand is half of the excitement!

Food,drinks,treats, family and friends are the perfect recipe for a good time! In combination even better :)

I am on the constant research for new places I can  visit and my eyes and ears are always open for unknown discoveries.

My main motivation for this blog was my friends who constantly asked me to guide them to places! I hope you guys are enjoying my blog! Thank you for all the support!

Life is short but so worthwhile! Be sure to eat and live well! :)

My likes
    Golden retrievers
    Adding whispers to my popcorn at the movies
    Five roses tea and reality series
    Travelling in my own country and abroad
    When I am able to brighten someone's day
    Cookies and cake! I am a cookie monster
    Sipping on wine, chatting to friends and eating cheese!

My dislikes
Cruelty toward animals
People who are late and self centred
Bananas (only like them on pizza)
I hate chicken with bones in it:(


  1. Love your blog!
    Please keep the posts coming. :D
    My girlfriend and I have a to-do and to-visit list largely populated by you previous posts. (The ones we have tried were amazing)

    1. Thank you for the kind words :) The blogging will definitely continue!

  2. Maree

    Met you on Sunday in B'Bos. Stanford Food Heroes. Can you email me to discuss?



  3. Kom ek nounet op jou blog af toe ek 'n restaurant soek! Awesome girl :) Liesl Vos

    1. Dankie Liesl :)

      Lekker hobbie on the side. Sien uit om baie tyd daaraan te spandeer sodra my finale jaar verby is :)

      Message my as jy 'n plekkie soek. Ek het altyd idees!