Saturday, September 17, 2016

Treat Café @ Talloula

I've spent two lovely Sundays at Treat Café and can say that there is no better way to end off your weekend. Situated on the 1000 Hill road in Botha's Hill, its a short drive from Durban. It is adjacent to the wedding venue Talloula.

Welcome to Treat Café

If there is one thing I miss about Cape Town, it is the wine farms. Now this is not a wine farm but the fact that I can sit outside underneath the trees sipping on some excellent wine from the Cape, I call this my wine farm away from home :)

It is a popular place over weekends so a reservation is essential. We always sit outside, order a bottle of wine and enjoy a long lazy Sunday lunch. It also doubles as a gift shop so I warn you that after the first glass of wine your wallet may be more lenient than before! They stock beautiful ceramics and woven baskets.

Lovely outside spot

Terrible quality photo but just a peek into the inside of the restaurant.

Louis and his staff are always friendly and efficient. If you ever want to host a birthday party, kitchen tea or baby shower this is definitely a venue to consider!

Now lets get to the good part, the food. You can join them for breakfast or lunch. They also host specialty evenings which they advertise of their Facebook page.
The menu changes but the good old favourites are always there. For starters we have enjoyed grilled mushrooms topped with pesto, tomato and mozzarella. Our favourite so far however was the mezze platter. Pitas are served with humus, grilled peppers, olives ,tomato salsa and guacamole. There is also a spanakopita and potato samosa to share. This paired perfectly with our Tokara Chenin Blanc.

Grilled mushroom and the mezze platter
Talking about wine, I really love their wine list. Well priced, diverse with regards to cultivar and there are some winners from the Cape such as Haute Cabriere and Tokara. This is one place where you don't have to BYOB.

Haute Cabriere Tranquille
Tokara Chenin Blanc
For mains the dish to try is their pie. The husband enjoyed it the first time we were there and I had to put up a fight at our next visit so that he didn't order it again. I wanted to try the rest of the menu but yes the pie is so delicious that you can eat it at every visit. First of all the portion is big. Tender meat in a thick sauce is covered entirely with a puff pastry lid. It is served with chips on the side. The husband was tempted to lick out the bowl, luckily he remembered his table manners! He also enjoyed the homemade burger which he gave top marks to.

The must try dish!

I've tried the salmon pasta which I enjoyed but I would have rather have served it with cooked salmon than smoked salmon. My quiche I recently had was jampacked with butternut which I enjoyed but the crust was too thick and hard. The salad served with it however was very fresh!

Salmon pasta
Butternut quiche with salad

We've tried dessert once which was a saucy chocolate malva pudding. It was delicious and sweet but the berries and ice cream served with it neutralised it well. A recommended lemon meringue is also on the menu.

Chocolate malva pudding

Treat Café is worth the drive out to a 1000 Hills. You can always count them on serving great food in a comfortable environment. If you end off you weekend here I promise you, you will be okay for the coming week!



Visit them at 61 Old Main road, Botha's Hill
Open Tuesday-Sunday 08:30 - 16:00
Contact them at 031 777 1586
Like them on Facebook 
For more information check out their website

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